America’s Censorship Regime Goes on Trial

From left: Anthony Fauci, Vivek Murthy, and HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra look on as Joe Biden delivers remarks ahead of receiving a COVID-19 booster on Oct. 25, 2022SAUL LOEB/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

Missouri v. Biden will test the government’s ability to suppress speech in the name of fighting ‘misinformation’

Ernest Ramirez, a car-wash technician in a small, south Texas town, led a simple but fulfilling life with his son, Ernesto Junior. Junior was a “wonderful child, full of smiles.” Ramirez had raised his son alone; he’d never known his own father and sought to provide Junior with the paternal love he had missed. A talented baseball player, Junior dreamed of playing professionally. The two lived paycheck to paycheck but were happy because, as Ramirez put it, they had each other.

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