Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s chief of staff is shot dead just weeks after FBI declared him a fugitive: He died ‘in standoff with police’ while being hunted for alleged $200K wire fraud and embezzlement

  • A fugitive and onetime top aide to ex Maryland Governor Larry Hogan was killed in Tennessee after a confrontation with the FBI
  • Roy McGrath, 53, who was appointed chief of staff to the Republican former governor, was wanted for failing to appear in court last month on fraud charges
  • He had pleaded not guilty to charges of wire fraud and falsification of records and was released on bond, but he did not appear in court for his trial

Roy McGrath, a chief of staff of former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, has died just weeks after after he was declared a fugitive by the FBI

The 53-year-old succumbed to gunshot wounds following a standoff with police late Monday night, his attorney confirmed. 

His death came after FBI agents raided the ex-GOP staffer’s home after he failed to appear for a federal trial on fraud charges over allegations he used his high-ranking position to steal more than $230,000 in state funds.

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