The US-Backed Color Revolution In Israel Just Reached Crisis Proportions

At all costs, America believes that it must do whatever’s necessary to prevent the Israeli state from exercising its sovereign right under Bibi’s restored leadership to balance between the US-led West’s Golden Billion and the Sino-Russo Entente in the New Cold War instead of decisively take the former’s side against the latter. Most immediately, its “deep state” wants Israel to arm Kiev, which Bibi himself warned earlier this month could abruptly catalyze a crisis with Russia in Syria, thus opening a “second front” in the US’ Eurasian-wide “containment” campaign.

There’s no other way to describe the latest events in Israel other than as a Color Revolution, which refers to the use of weaponized protests to achieve regime tweaking (concessions), regime change (self-explanatory), and/or a regime reboot (far-reaching constitutional reform aimed at weakening the state usually via Bosnian-like identity federalism). These reports herehere, and here compellingly argue that the US is behind this, with the first proving partial State Department funding.

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