ChatGPT banned in Italy

The country’s data protection authorities said AI service would be blocked and investigated over privacy concerns.

The system does not have a proper legal basis to be collecting personal information about the people using it, the Italian agency said. That data is collected to help train the algorithm that powers ChatGPT’s answers.

Authorities also accused OpenAI of failing to check the age of its ChatGPT users, and not properly enforcing rules banning over 13s. Those young users could potentially be exposed to “unsuitable answers” from the chatbot, given their relative lack of development, authorities said.

It is just the latest censure of ChatGPT, and the artificial intelligence systems underpinning it that are made by creators OpenAI. Italy’s decision came days after a range of experts called for a halt on the development of new systems, amid fears that the rush to create new AI tools could be dangerous.

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