Highlighting the absurdity of the notion that biological men can simply declare themselves to be women, British media personality Piers Morgan, a white man, asked why he can’t identify as a black lesbian.

He commented while sparring with Angelica Malin, a television commentator and author, on “Piers Morgan Uncensored.” Malin argued that those who would like to be a woman may self-identify as a woman.

“Why can’t I identify as a black lesbian?” Morgan asked.

Malin seemed to indicate that Morgan’s suggestion would take the issue to an “absurd status.”

But the acerbic Morgan countered that the door to the absurd is already open, explaining that “by saying it is limitless … Anyone can say, ‘I’m a woman.’ So I simply ask you, why can’t I?”

Malin pushed back, claiming that the argument “ridicules trans people.”

But Morgan contended that her position ridicules transgender people. He said that while he has respect for individuals who undergo sex-change surgeries, he does not respect those who simply declare themselves to be women and then insist on getting women’s rights and the ability to destroy female competitors in athletic events.

Morgan has previously highlighted the absurdity by suggesting that he identifies as a “two-spirit penguin.”

“Happy International Women’s Day. I am a woman,” Morgan mocked at the conclusion of the segment.

That comment was a jab at radical, leftist gender ideology proponents like Malin, who also made fools of themselves by insisting on the inclusion of transgender women while marking International Women’s Day.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs both declared that “trans women are women.” And during an International Women of Courage Award ceremony at the White House, one of the honorees was a transgender woman.

Source: https://punchingbagpost.com/piers-morgan-why-cant-i-identify-as-a-black-lesbian/