Russian Cruise Missiles Destroyed In Drone Attack On Crimea Amid Xi Visit, Ukraine Says

Ukraine’s defense ministry on Tuesday has touted the Monday night destruction of Russian cruise missiles which were stationed in Crimea. Videos posted on social media showed a series of explosions in the northern part of Crimea, centered on the town of Dzhankoy, a key logistics hub through which a railway line runs.

The Ukrainian military is saying that a shipment of Russian Kalibr cruise missiles was successfully destroyed in what appears to have been a drone attack. While not directly owning up to the operation, Kiev is hailing the ‘mystery’ attack deep inside Russian-held territory.

“The mysterious series of blasts continues the process of Russia’s demilitarization and prepares the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea for de-occupation,” a statement Ukrainian Military Intelligence said.

Image source: BBC/Twitter

Russian media sources indicated a “night attack by Ukrainian drones” on a technical school as well as residential areas. Up to five locations were reportedly targeted, the Russian media sources also claiming they were all shot down – though little can be confirmed. According to a description in BBC:

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