USMC recruit discharged, harassed, and barred from service after refusing to become an FBI informant for $250,000

Parris Island, SC – A White US Marine recruit was lured into a false interrogation by federal agents. When they failed to groom him into a confidential informant to be used against pro-White activist groups—even offering him a quarter of a million dollars to do so—he was terminated from his job and sent back home right before his boot camp graduation.

Federal agents, including three members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and two members of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), masqueraded as “Department of Defense civilians.” Assuming fake identities, they issued a mock “employee survey” to an entire Marine platoon with the precise goal of luring their intended target into a separate room so he could be ambushed and interrogated.

Once isolated from his peers, the agents grilled the young Marine recruit for four hours and ultimately offered him a choice: turn into a confidential informant for the federal government or be terminated from the Marine Corps. The recruit chose the latter.

The Justice Report first learned of the FBI-led sting operation after receiving an anonymous tip from an individual claiming to be close to the matter—and after a brief correspondence—we were able to verify the story and secure an exclusive one-on-one interview from the recruit in question: United States Marine Corps Private Paul Kaltenbach.

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