Unbelievable Growth Will Bend Your Mind

“Sorry to tell you, but there are no aliens,” said the intelligence analyst.

“The Tic Tac videos, balloons, UFOs – they’re not aliens,” he said. “We’re all alone here, it’s just us.”

For those of us who read Cixin Liu, China’s brilliant Sci-Fi author, the notion that we are alone is extremely comforting. Cixin turned me onto the Dark Forest hypothesis, which postulates that while there may be many alien civilizations out there, we see no sign of them because they are silent and paranoid, lest they alert others to their existence and invite invasion, annihilation. 

“What we see is our next generation military technology,” continued the intelligence analyst.

“We all see what the Ukrainians did to Russia’s military using battlefield technology that we would generally consider obsolete relative to our state of the art,” he said. “But America’s actual state of the art is one or two generations ahead of what the public sees today,” he said, which was simultaneously comforting and terrifying.

“It is not in our interest to show our adversaries how far advanced our capabilities have grown.”

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