Will Anyone Connect The Dots? DeSantis Praises Dominion Lawyer, Who Is Project Veritas Lawyer, O’Keefe Ousted After Pfizer Reveal?

At CDM, we like to focus on the consequences of one’s actions, not what people say.

So, let’s connect some dots.

We have written extensively about the Desantis administration’s refusal to deal with election fraud in Florida.

Recently Governor Ron DeSantis publicly praised Dominion lawyer Libby Locke, while sitting in front of a background that mocked President Trump’s Truth Social.

Libby Locke is also a prominent lawyer for Project Veritas, working on PV’s problems with the mainstream media.

Project Veritas just revealed Pfizer’s efforts to profit from engineered viruses via vaccines. They called it ‘directed evolution’, and admitted in press release they are doing it.

Right after the PV Pfizer reveal, PV’s founder, James O’Keefe, is put on paid leave pending an investigation into his behavior.

Are the dots connecting into an image for you yet?

The cabal fears Trump and James O’Keefe, not Ron DeSantis.

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